26 Jun

!Herman your a lucky dog! ?what what what!

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!correction! for Sound of Music starts father’s day wknd

10 Jun

oops! John had practice.

He always performs in Winona

Father’s day weekend.

!correction! for Sound of Music starts father’s day wknd

10 Jun

!correction! for Sound of Music starts father’s day wknd

10 Jun

“the Sound of Music” starring John Stapleton and others

9 Jun

Petey left behi…

9 Jun

Petey left behind three dear new friends an perhaps an angel or two

in Naples, Florida.
He would cut a twelve minute film “The Two Dingo Brothers”

The HP-mini film is hopefully hiding behind his partition on the computer.

Two young brothers entertaining in front of a twenty-four

hour full service laundry mat on Golden Gate Parkway.

Sorry boys! The boys title for the movie still survives

“The Two Dingo Brothers”


You will find that when u cut a film using MovieMaker

It is best to replay film before downloading to files.

Microsoft MovieMaker for red-necks like Petey.

?what what what?

9 Jun

First, Peter Stapleton will have had to thank WordPress for the honor of blogging.

?What what what? Thank you WordPress; sincerly Peter Gregory Stapleton.